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UNIGLOBE Travel Holland Privacy Statement

UNIGLOBE Travel Holland complies with the relevant legislation for the protection of personal data as it applies in the Netherlands and the European Union. We are responsible for drafting, implementing and enforcing this policy.

Personal data is therefore carefully processed and secured by us. In this privacy statement we explain which personal data we process and for what purpose you can provide us with your personal data. If you have any questions or comments regarding this statement, please contact: info@uniglobe.nl


Which personal data do we process?

We process at least the following personal data:

  • Date of birth
  • Passport numbers
  • Travel dates and destinations
  • Health information
  • Travel and meal preferences
  • Frequent flyer and other membership numbers
  • Personal postal and e-mail addresses
  • Financial information regarding personal credit cards
  • Bank accounts and other payment methods


Why do we collect and use your personal data?

We ensure that personal data is only processed for well-defined, explicitly described purposes. Personal data is only processed with a justified basis.

We collect relevant personal information when you ask us to provide you with information or travel-related services (such as air, ground and sea transportation, hotel and other accommodation, tours, meals, services and insurance products) that are sold or reserved through us ( “travel services”). We use the personal information to provide you with the requested information or travel services and for a number of additional purposes. In particular, your personal information may be used:

  • To provide you with travel-related information now and in the future through personalized communication, regular newsletters or travel alerts;
  • To identify you and your preferences;
  • Respond to travel requests sent by you;
  • Make airline, hotel, car, tour and other reservations on your behalf;
  • To arrange travel insurances on your behalf;
  • To obtain a credit card or other financial approval for payment;
  • To collect statistics and conduct market research;
  • Prepare reports for suppliers of your travel services and for regulatory and industry organizations;
  • Compile business reports for your employer with regard to destinations traveled, costs, service classes, used hotels and the duration of the stay and car rental companies and the duration of the rent;
  • To comply with the law;
  • For purposes related to the above.

Moreover, the personal data you provide will only be used for the aforementioned purposes and shared with the people within our organization, who must necessarily take note of your personal data in order to be able to provide you with a good service.

In addition, we take the following measures to minimize the risk of losing personal data:

  • All persons who can access your data on behalf of UNIGLOBE Travel Holland are bound by an obligation of confidentiality;
  • We use a username and password policy on all our systems (two-stage verification to log into the network);
  • We make backups of the personal data in order to be able to restore it in the event of physical or technical incidents;
  • We regularly test and evaluate our measures;
  • Our employees have been informed about the importance of protecting personal data.


How do we collect your personal data?

The following are the sources that we can use to collect personal information. We will only use the information that is required for the identified purposes. We may collect information from you when you request information regarding the booking of travel services, whether orally or in writing;

  • From your employer, employee or authorized representative when this person seeks information or travel services on your behalf or otherwise represents you;
  • From personal travel profiles that you have completed;
  • From our records regarding previous requests or reservations that you have made;
  • From the reservation systems that are used to make your reservations now or in the past;
  • From credit card providers or other consumer information agencies;
  • From the airlines or other providers of travel services to you at any time.


With whom do we share your personal data?

We act as the agent or intermediary for or in relation to the suppliers (’the suppliers’) of the travel services. Accordingly, personal information relevant to the sole purpose of offering your travel services will be disclosed to the suppliers that apply to the trip in question.

The responsibility for the personal information you provide to us remains under our control, including personal information transferred to suppliers. We have concluded a processing agreement with all these third parties or a privacy statement has been declared applicable.


How do we protect your personal data?

Financial and other sensitive personal information is stored by us in a secure environment using physical measures such as filing cabinets that are protected after working hours, alarm systems and, in the case of electronic data, in databases that are password protected. Third parties such as Suppliers to whom such information is transferred are also required to protect your personal information in a manner that is consistent with the law.


How long do we keep your personal data?

Your personal information will only be kept for as long as we need it to provide you with information, travel services and other services, and for a reasonable period thereafter to fulfill a specific purpose or other legal or business purpose.

When your personal data is no longer needed, your personal data will be destroyed or returned.


Data minimization

We only process the personal data that are at least necessary for the predetermined purpose. We do this on a need to know basis and strive for minimal data processing. We protect your data by providing access only to those persons who actually work on your request when performing a service. Where possible, less or no personal data is processed.


Integrity and confidentiality

Your personal data is only processed by persons with confidentiality obligations and for the purpose for which this data was collected. Specific privacy requirements apply to our employees and freelancers for the protection of your personal data. They must sign a confidentiality clause prior to commencement or commencement of their contract.

Employees and freelancers are also required to report any loss of personal data as soon as possible.


Your rights under the AVG (General Data Protection Regulation)

You can make use of your rights as a person concerned under the GMS via the ‘rights involved’ form. You have the following rights under the AVG:

  • right to view your personal data;
  • right to removal;
  • right to correction or restriction of use of the collected and processed data;
  • right to data portability.
  • We will process your requests within the legal period and use the legal options to grant or reject your request (s). If your request is rejected, we will motivate it.


Loss of your personal data

We have taken measures to limit a (possible) loss of personal data and/or data breach, to an absolute minimum. Should, despite all the measures taken, a data breach occur in which your personal data is lost and serious damage to your privacy can be expected, we will inform you immediately.


Accuracy and limitations of our responsibility

From time to time we may update the personal information that we have in your file. However, we trust you to inform us of relevant changes or errors in your personal information and are not responsible for personal information that is not accurate. Although we take reasonable steps to protect your personal information, we are not responsible for any improper use of your personal information that is beyond our reasonable control.



If you have a complaint regarding this privacy policy or one of our procedures, please contact us. If your complaint is well-founded, we will take reasonable steps to resolve the issue, including possibly changing our privacy policy or procedures.

We do our utmost to properly implement these regulations. If you still find that this privacy statement is not or insufficiently complied with in practice, you can submit a complaint to us via our

Privacy Officer:
UNIGLOBE Travel Holland
Evert van de Beekstraat 1-5

If you are dissatisfied with the handling or our privacy statement, you can also contact the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (the Dutch Data Protection Authority) www.autoriteit Persongegevens.nl


Change of privacy statement

We reserve the right to change this privacy statement. If the privacy statement has changed since your last visit, you will receive a notification of this when you visit our website.

Our latest privacy statement is published on our website; www.uniglobe.nl

UNIGLOBE Travel Holland
July 1, 2018